Tsurr immediate surroundings system q figure 762

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Unformatted text preview: Sin Sout or, in the rate form, as Heat · Sin · Sout · Sgen · ∆Ssystem 14243 FIGURE 7–61 Mechanisms of entropy transfer for a general system. Tsurr Immediate surroundings SYSTEM Q FIGURE 7–62 Entropy generation outside system boundaries can be accounted for by writing an entropy balance on an extended system that includes the system and its immediate surroundings. 13 2 123 Rate of net entropy transfer by heat and mass Rate of entropy generation (kW/K) (7–77) Rate of change in entropy · where the rates of entropy transfer by heat transferred at a rate of Q and mass · · · · s. The entropy balance · are S Q / T and S mass m flowing at a rate of m heat can also be expressed on a unit-mass basis as (sin sout) sgen ∆ssystem (kJ/kg · K) (7–78) where all the quantities are expressed per unit mass of the system. Note that for a reversible process, the entropy generation term Sgen drops out from all of the relations above. The term Sgen represents the entropy generation within the system boun...
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