When iron is treated and the molecules are realigned

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Unformatted text preview: n is treated and the molecules are realigned, however, that piece of iron turns into a piece of magnet, creating a powerful magnetic field around it. Entropy and Entropy Generation in Daily Life FIGURE 7–26 The use of entropy (disorganization, uncertainty) is not limited to thermodynamics. (Reprinted with permission of King Features Syndicate.) Entropy can be viewed as a measure of disorder or disorganization in a system. Likewise, entropy generation can be viewed as a measure of disorder or disorganization generated during a process. The concept of entropy is not used in daily life nearly as extensively as the concept of energy, even though entropy is readily applicable to various aspects of daily life. The extension of the entropy concept to nontechnical fields is not a novel idea. It has been the topic of several articles, and even some books. Next we present several ordinary events and show their relevance to the concept of entropy and entropy generation. Efficient people lead low-entropy (highly organized) lives. They hav...
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