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Yet some may argue from the first law point of view

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Unformatted text preview: ay argue from the first-law point of view that these two buildings are equivalent since the mass and energy content of the two buildings are identical, despite the high level of disorganization (entropy) in the first building. This example illustrates that any realistic comparisons should involve the second-law point of view. Two textbooks that seem to be identical because both cover basically the same topics and present the same information may actually be very different depending on how they cover the topics. After all, two seemingly identical cars are not so identical if one goes only half as many miles as the other one on the same amount of fuel. Likewise, two seemingly identical books are not so identical if it takes twice as long to learn a topic from one of them as it does from the other. Thus, comparisons made on the basis of the first law only may be highly misleading. Having a disorganized (high-entropy) army is like having no army at all. It is no coincidence that the command centers of any armed forces are among the primary targets during a war. One army th...
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