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Unformatted text preview: Air is compressed steadily by a compressor from 100 kPa and 17°C to 700 kPa at a rate of 5 kg/min. Determine the minimum power input required if the process is (a) adiabatic and (b) isothermal. Assume air to be an ideal gas with variable specific heats, and neglect the changes in kinetic and potential energies. Answers: (a) 18.0 kW, (b) 13.5 kW. 7–143 Air enters a two-stage compressor at 100 kPa and 27°C and is compressed to 900 kPa. The pressure ratio across each stage is the same, and the air is cooled to the initial temperature between the two stages. Assuming the compression 90% 10% 50 kPa FIGURE P7–145 7–146 Steam enters a two-stage adiabatic turbine at 8 MPa and 500°C. It expands in the first stage to a pressure of 2 MPa. Then steam is reheated at constant pressure to 500°C before it is expanded in a second stage to a pressure of 100 kPa. The power output of the turbine is 80 MW. Assuming an isentropic efficiency of 84 percent for each stage of the turbine, determine cen54261...
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