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Putting Concepts and Drills

Putting Concepts and Drills - Putting Concepts and Drills...

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Putting: Concepts and Drills: Dad/Pelz 15 Building Blocks of Putting (7 Scientific + 8 Artistic) Stroke Mechanics (7) Nonphysical (5) Artistic (2) Skill (1) Aim Touch Stability Green Reading Power Source Feel Rhythm Putter Path Attitude Face Angle Routine Impact Pattern Ritual Flow Lines Putter Fitting Practice Tip Warming up before play, practice lag putting 1 st , concentrating on stopping all putts outside of 35 feet close enough to make the 2 nd putt a virtual tap in. Next, practice putts of intermediate length (6 to 30 feet) and concentrate on rolling them at a speed that any missed putt rolls 17 inches past the hole. Finish with putts less than 6 feet, focusing only on rolling them into the hole at a firm, brisk pace. Putting Method The most simple, easiest, repeatable, reliable way to putt is the pure, no-hit pendulum stroke. The putter swings in rhythm with the arms and hands, with no power input from the hands and wrists whatsoever. Even if you miss 20 putts in a row…You must believe in the stroke that you have committed to, and stay with it. Groove it until you own it. Than and only then can you achieve your personal optimum putting performance. Definitions Ball-Hole Line: The straight line between where the ball sits and the hole. It extends forever in both directions and is the line that you stand on to read break from in both directions. Aim Line: The desired initial starting line of the putt based upon the break that is read. It is the line upon which you align your body, feet and stroke to start the ball rolling on that line.
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Ball Track: The entire path taken by the ball. It shows the path and speed of the putt from beginning to end (hole). Break: A measure of the distance between the direction you aim (start the ball rolling) and where you want it to go (hole). It is the distance between the aim line and the nearest edge of the hole, measured on a line between the two. The actual amount that the ball breaks (curves) is different because the ball track curves into the center of the hole. o When golfers say they are “playing 1 inch of break”, what is meant is that the aim line passes one inch outside the edge of the cup. Technically, they expect the putt to break 3 and 1/8 inches (1 inch + half the diameter of the hole which is 2 and 1/8 inches). For some reason, they errantly say and think that they are playing 1 inch of break. Setup and Grip Ball Position: 1 and 1/2 inches (ball width) ahead of the bottom of the arc depending on the loft of the putter. The goal is to roll the ball on top of the grass with minimum spin. Balance your weight between the balls of your feet. Knees slightly flexed. Setup with the flow line of your shoulders and forearms parallel to the aim line.
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