At this point it appears that is controlled by the

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Unformatted text preview: l into the frequency domain, the IDFT is used to map a signal in the frequency domain into time domain. Because, the DFT is an orthogonal transformation, the inverse is computed using the Hermitian operator . The cost of inverting an matrix is proportional to , the cost of multiplying a matrix by a vector is proportional to . We will further diminish the computation cost of multiplying a matrix times a vector by using the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). ¡4 X 4 4 4  3.1.2 Zero padding The DFT allows us to transform an -points time series into frequency coefficients , where the index is associated to the discrete frequency , 45 0 4 0¢ 4 0 $¢ 4 BGEF4D) " " ) B ) 0¢ 5 44" #IA' § 7 ) 7 $£§ 7 3 1 § 60 0 $¢ 7 5 ¤ the frequency axis is sampled every radians. At this point it appears that is controlled by the number of samples of the time series . Zero padding can be used to , in this case we define a new time series that condecrease the frequency interval sists of the original time series foll...
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