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English 1201 Sample Essay - PASSION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS...

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PASSION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS COLIN VAN ES English 1201 ZDE Dr. Mary Wislocki October 10, 2007 Van Es - -
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PASSION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS My family and I are sitting in the family room watching television, when we decided to watch a movie. My dad and sister sat on the couch, as usual, directly across from the television. My mom was in the kitchen, washing dishes, baking and preparing snacks. I was lying in the chair next to the couch, with both the most comfortable seat and best view of the television. The lights were dim and the smell of popcorn and lemonade filled the air as the movie began. We were preparing to watch “Invincible.” It is a story about Vince Papale’s rise from a Philadelphia bartender and football fan, to a starter on the special teams of the Philadelphia Eagles, as portrayed by Disney. Vince Papale played football in many places and ways during the movie. Among the best are the bar games, in which Vince plays alongside his bar buddies from “Max’s” against a cross town bar. These games really set the tone of the movie and one of the key themes. Vince shows how much he enjoys the game. He truly gets lost in the dance. He plays for and with his friends, while maintaining his individual playing style. During this time, Vince demonstrates that the key to success in any endeavor is to have a strong passion for it. Vince was given the opportunity to tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles when they hired Dick Vermeil. The Eagles were going through some rough times and Vermeil decided to spice things up by inviting anybody that wanted to tryout to give it a shot. Vince took the chance and succeeded. His passion for the game was a huge factor in his
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English 1201 Sample Essay - PASSION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS...

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