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Bower, Bruce. “Asian human-origin theory gets new teeth.” Science News 136.7 (1989): 100. Page 633, article 22 Clines, Francis X. “Evolution, On Broadway and Off.” New York Times 23 April 2007, late ed., sec. A: 18. Page 635, article 23 Darwin, Charles. “Natural Selection.” The McGraw Hill Reader: Issues Across the Disciplines. Ed. James Doepke. McGraw-Hill Co., 2006. 783-786. Page 628, article 10
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Unformatted text preview: Eisely, Loren. “The Dance of the Frogs.” A Spectrum of Professional Writing. n. Ed. 252-258. Page 628, article 10 Thomas, Lewis. “The Lives of a Cell.” A Spectrum of Professional Writing. n. Ed. 614-615. Page 628, article 10 “Evidence for Creation.” All About Creation . 19 Nov 2007. <> Page 635-636, article 26...
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