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Fish Pre Lab - fish as well as human garbage and 5 Because...

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Fish Pre Lab Colin Van Es Biol 1201 AA Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Before reviewing the assigned website (Mammals and Sharks), I knew quite a bit about mammals. I know that humans are mammals. Mammals have specific hair. All mammals are vertebrates. Mammals are warm-blooded. Whales and dolphins are mammals. But, sharks are not mammals. Sharks are some of the larger fish in sea and considered one of the most dangerous predators. They usually leave humans alone, but will attack if provoked. I learned the following information from the assigned website (Mammals and Sharks): 1) Mammals are named such because of the use of a mammary gland to feed their offspring, 2) The lower jaw in mammals is one bone on each side, 3) The 3 bone structure of the ear is used to classify mammals from other organisms, 4) Sharks will eat
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Unformatted text preview: fish as well as human garbage, and 5) Because sharks don’t have a swim bladder, they must constantly move forward or they will sink. In the lab experiment I expect to understand and be able to apply my knowledge regarding fish and mammals to the dissection of the perch and observations of the shark and lamprey. I also will study a perch hands on, once it is dissected I will be able to recognize the various systems and better understand how they work and differ from that of a human. I will also be able to use my new knowledge of mammals and fish to observe the vertebrates have adapted to their living environment. Sources: “Sharks.” October 22, 2007. http://graysreef.noaa.gov/tw/sharks.html “Mammals.” October 22, 2007. http://www.earthlife.net/mammals/mammal.html...
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