Invertebrate 2 Pre Lab

Invertebrate 2 Pre Lab - water 6 the gills in land snails...

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Invertebrate 2 Pre-Lab Colin Van Es Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Biol 1201 AA Before reviewing the assigned website “Phylum Mollusca” I knew that clams and oysters are examples of mollusks. I knew that mollusks are invertebrates. Any bivalve is a type of mollusk. The bivalves have a shell with a resilient and very strong muscle. The muscle can be cooked and eaten. This muscle controls the hinge of their shell and controls the opening or closing of the shell. It can be very difficult to break open and nearly impossible when the organism is alive. I also knew that most bivalves are filter feeders. I learned the following facts from the provided website (Phylum Mollusca): 1) there are 47,000 species of mollusks, 2) there are complete and complex digestive, circulatory and respiratory tracts, 3) a major predator of bivalves is the starfish, 4) bivalves generally have very poor sense organs, 5) bivalves are present in fresh and salt
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Unformatted text preview: water, 6) the gills in land snails have changed over to a variation on a lung, 7) the snails that have gone from land to water do not have gills, but rise to the surface to entrap an air bubble, 8) Many gastropods are hermaphrodites, and 9) there was a 6 meter long (not counting tentacles) squid caught in the Atlantic Ocean in 1861. In this lab, I will be comparing the similarities and differences between a variety of mollusks and arthropods. I will dissect a clam and I expect to find the various organs and the abductor muscle. I expect to notice the adaptations of the squid compared to the other mollusks. I will also be able to notice the various systems within the invertebrates. Bibliography. “Phylum Mollusca.” October 15, 2007. <>...
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Invertebrate 2 Pre Lab - water 6 the gills in land snails...

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