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Merissa Stewart Affan Arif Marketing Project Outline Introduction : Our cab company will provide safe and dependable transportation. Our goal is to not have a long waiting list like Public Safety usually has on busy nights. We will treat you with respect on the phone and we will give you accurate information about picking you up. Our rates are low and we are efficient. Environmental Variables: Internal Structure/Resources of the firm: We will try to provide a working environment that would promote efficiency and effectiveness. We will aim to carry out the marketing concept which would mean to satisfy our customers and their needs at a profit. We will do so by building relationships with our clients and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. External Variables: 1. Legal Variable: Only employees under a taxi endorsement are allowed to operate a taxi cab on Delaware highways and must have a valid license with their company. The fee for this endorsement is $3.75. They must have completed a course in defensive driving and must be at least 18 years of age. The driver is required to provide a certified copy of their record to prove they have not committed any serious criminal offenses, not having been invalidated for the past five years, and pass written tests and an eye screen. 2. Economic Variable: Our prices would have to adjust to gas prices, inflation and changing interest rates. A way to lessen the cost of gas prices could be to invest in hybrid cars. 3. Technology Variables: Hybrid cars would be a great investment and great for the environment. Credit card machine will make it easier and secure. Most technologically advanced meters. Internet site with the ability to order a taxicab service. Technology to send information about arrival to customer’s cell
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marketingoutline - Merissa Stewart Affan Arif Marketing...

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