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American Heritage - individuals decision to do right or...

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There has been much debate over the role of liberty in society life and its actual meaning. John Winthrop and John Locke are two men that stand out in this discussion on liberty and both have similar ideas on how it affects the balance of society. In the ideas of liberty, the natural and civil states in society are major factors. Locke believes that one should be free to do as one chooses and that what one chooses will be the right decision. Winthrop also believes the natural state of man is one that cannot have restraints; one should exercise freedoms to do good as well as evil. Also both Winthrop and Locke agree on the fact they believe that there exists a natural state in which one’s freedom is tested, though Winthrop believes man has already fallen and his natural state and can only produce more evil while Lock holds a view that it is the
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Unformatted text preview: individuals decision to do right or wrong and that one can only hope they will choose the right. Secondly, both of these prominent figures consider the idea of law and authority and how they connect with ones liberty. Winthrop and Locke bring the point that authority must be set in place to insure that no harm or evil is committed and that those who rebel against authority must be punished in order to conserve society. Though Locke believes that we all have the freedom to make choices within the laws set forth, Winthrop thinks of authority and the covenant placed over humanity as the only way mankind can maintain its morality. John Salisbury also had similar views with his social contract and the people that have their freedom with the authority that is set over them....
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