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Caruso 1 Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock was the son of William and Emma Hitchcock. His interest in movies began around 1915, frequently visiting the cinema and reading US trade journals. As McGillian said in his transcript about Hitchcock’s life and times, He was always writing his own life into his films. And what most shaped his life were his earliest influences and experiences, before the professional circumstances and film methods that came along later, when he was well into his 20s, and which further defined his contribution to the art (McGillian). In 1920, Hitch learned that there was a studio to open in London and managed to get a job as a title designer. He designed the titles for all the movies made at the studio for the next two years. In 1923, he finally got his first break when the director of Always Tell Your Wife fell ill and Hitch was asked to complete the movie. Shocked and amazed with the turn of the movie, the studio chiefs gave him his first directing assignment on Number 13 . But before Hitchcock could finish it, the studio closed. Hitch was then hired to work as an assistant director for Gainsborough Pictures and after several films for the company; Hitchcock was given the chance to direct The Pleasure Garden . Hitchcock's career as a director finally began. Hitchcock went on to become the most widely known and influential director in the history of world cinema with a significant body of work produced over 50 years. Vertigo is a 1958 psychological thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Vertigo is one of Alfred Hitchcock's most powerful, deep, and stunningly beautiful films. At the time of the film's release, it was not a box-office hit, but has since been regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. The work is a mesmerizing romantic thriller about a retired policeman who falls in love with a mysterious woman he has been hired to follow.
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CCA - Caruso 1 Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock...

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