Tartuffe - Caruso 1 Disorder in Tartuffe The Age of...

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Caruso 1 Disorder in Tartuffe The Age of Enlightenment describes a period when society was emerging from centuries of darkness and ignorance into a new age enlightened by reason, science, and respect for humanity. These new findings set society into disarray and disorder throughout the world. The Enlightenment rebelled against tradition and the writers tried to coup with the change. Throughout this period writers showed disorder and disarray in many of their stories, such as in Molieres Tartuffe . Tartuffe shows disorder at closer view then most stories because it hits home when a family divides itself in half with verbal attacks over one man. Disorder is shown right away in Tartuffe as Orgon’s mother Madame Pernelle is attacking everyone in the house with a verbal assault. The passage, “It’s like a madhouse with the keeper gone,” (Tartuffe 19), is describing Madame Pernelle’s feelings towards the house since Orgon’s first wife passed away and Elmire has now taken over with her lavish lifestyle. The play goes into the disorder and chaos that has become of the household since Tartuffe entered it. Orgon basically hands over the reins of the house to Tartuffe because he hopes that with Tartuffe’s guidance the house will have a spiritual afterlife. Dorine’s passage, “To see this man usurp the masters’ place-To see this beggar who, when first he came, had not a shoe or shoestring to his name so far forget himself that he behaves as if the house were his and we his slaves” (Tartuffe 20), shows the anger beginning to be expressed by some of the people living in the house since Tartuffe has emerged as the head of the household. Dorine is one of main people in the household
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Tartuffe - Caruso 1 Disorder in Tartuffe The Age of...

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