These methods include data fill where the same kinds

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Unformatted text preview: if cell C3 contains the value of the cost per unit, and cell D5 contains the number of units, then =cpu*num would be more meaningful than =C3*D5 Named Cells   By default, named cells are always absolute   The formula cpu*num would actually be = $C$3*$D$5   Names are not case sensi?ve   Must begin with leHer or underscore   Must not conflict with built ­in names Named Cells   If we are entering a student’s 33 homework grades in cells B2 through B34, then we could enter in cell B50: =average(B2:B34) or, if we name the range B2 thru B34 as HW, use the formula =average(HW) Data Manipulation   We have a variety of ways of manipula?ng data in a spreadsheet. These methods include:   Data Fill  ­...
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