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Plicaon division lej to right addion subtracon lej

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Unformatted text preview: he spreadsheet. The key to this power is to know how to address the cell desired. Mathematical Operators   Addi?on (+): 5+2   Subtrac?on ( ­): 7 ­3   Mul?plica?on (*): 2*A (NOT 2A)   Division (/) 4/3   Exponent (^) 5^3 Precedence Order of evaluation when several operators appear in a single expression   Parenthesis   Func?on evalua?on   Exponen?a?on   Mul?plica?on & Division (leJ to right)   Addi?on & Subtrac?on (leJ to right) Precedence Examples =(3*(a+1))/(d-2) =25^(1/3) Intrinsic Functions   There are many predefined func?ons in Excel. A few examples are:   AVG, SUM, MIN,...
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