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MANAGEMENT 307 Study Guide, Exam 1 Diversity What is diversity? Distinguish between a melting pot approach and a cultural pluralism approach. Why is diversity attractive, that is, what is the business case for diversity? Distinguish among stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Use one of the groups we discussed as an example to explain all three. Distinguish among the four layers of diversity. What’s the difference between valuing diversity and managing diversity? Explain the glass ceiling and how one would break through it. What are the common barriers to implementing successful diversity programs? Think Questions: 1. Explain how you could discover the importance of diversity in the culture of an
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Unformatted text preview: organization? Be specific, that is, provide examples. (Hint: draw on Culture material as well.) 2. Why is the stereotype about Arab-Americans important? (Or any other group, for that matter.) Include discussion of attribution, perception, self-fulfilling stereotypes, etc. 3. What do the succession of figures in the Hines article show? What are the implications for managers? 4. What do cookies and A’s have to do with discrimination or exclusion? 5. What did the Lookism video from 20/20 have to do with perception, stereotypes, and diversity? Don’t just summarize the video. Tie it in to course material....
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