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Psych Quiz 1 - Psych Quiz 1 Psychology The study of...

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Psych Quiz 1 Psychology: The study of observerable behavior and nonobservable mental processes - Scientific Psychology: comprised of basic research and data collection and analysis o Basic research: open ended questions o Data collection and analysis: investigation - Applied Psychology: revolves around human condition o Industrial: study industry to produce a good work environment o Law: psychological assessments entered into law o Education: help direct your efforts in the best way o Child rearing: family/child psych, for abnormal behavior Psychology as a Science - Young field: about 125 years old - Models: define a field of investigation - Asks questions in a systematic way o Observe, predict, and test the way things happen o Applies scientific method to psychology Need a testable hypothesis (gives a possible explanation) Results need to be replicable (other experiments produce similar results) - Behavior is directly observable while mental and physiological processes aren’t History of Psychology - Wilhelm Wundt: German o Founder of scientific psychology o Imperasim: all knowledge is gained from experience o Mental processes can be derived from behaviors and experiences o Introspection to understand the nature of consciousness and immediate experience Studied sensation, perception, emotion Elements of consciousness o Model: structuralism put pieces together to gain a sense of the whole Ask questions about conscious experience - Gestalt Psychology: combination of perspectives from several different fields o Structuralism too dependent on introspection Experience cannot be replicated o Consciousness cannot be explained by looking at the parts “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” o Not a model, a contribution - William James: influenced by Darwin, disagreed with Wundt o Novelist interested in consciousness o Model: functionalism ask why
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PSY 101 taught by Professor Ricci during the Spring '08 term at Northeastern.

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Psych Quiz 1 - Psych Quiz 1 Psychology The study of...

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