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Midterm (Graded) - Section I 1 Nostalgia de la boue...

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Section I: 1. Nostalgia de la boue Nostalgia de la boue is a nineteenth-century French term that literally means "nostalgia for the mud." It is explained in the novel Radical Chic by Wolfe, in which he describes the Chics as a group of wealthy individuals who associated themselves with lower order society (impoverished, but also where the action was in the turbulent 1960's). These associations and alliances between rich individuals and poor groups who revolted against injustices in society served as a catalyst to the ultimately powerful social upheaval of the 1960's. Good. 5 2. Eldridge Cleaver Eldrige Cleaver was a prominent member of the Black Panther Party and the author of the book Soul On Ice. In Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, there is a scene in which a white teacher reads Soul On Ice to a class of mostly white students, and the book is chastised by a black student in the class who claims that it does not represent the true nature of the black man's plight and is instead a copout by the author (Cleaver) who twisted the story of the black man's plight to appeal to what white people associate with the black man. Cleaver is important to the history of American pop culture because the controversy about his novel underlines the disparity between who black people truly were and how whites thought of them as savages at the time. Not quite. Or rather, in important addition, they though of them as sex. 4.5 3. Little Shirley Beans Little Shirley Beans is the name of the song by Estelle Fletcher, a black woman artist, on a recording that Holden buys for his sister Phoebe in Catcher in the Rye. This is a part of the novel that most likely prompted it into controversy, being labeled at first as "anti-White" by the public, because Holden is pleased by the singing of a black woman and goes as far as comparing her to a white woman's voice, which to him represents phoniness because it would have been catered and sold out to the audience to make it "sound cute as hell." This is important to the development of American pop culture because it shows the aggressive sentiment in the 50's by white people against sympathy for blacks at the expense of the white image. 5 4. The New Journalism The New Journalism is a style of writing, the name of which was coined by Tom Wolfe, author of Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers. The Radical Chic. .. novel is actually written in the New Journalism style, which can be described as telling a story using scenes as much as possible, full dialogue, third person point of view and detailed explanation of the status of characters' lives. With this style, the reader is able to understand why the Chic harbors/supports members of the Black Panther Party as well as see almost firsthand what the Black Panthers were like: the reader is able to experience
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Midterm (Graded) - Section I 1 Nostalgia de la boue...

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