2 only the n 80 535 ft pipe is capable of withstanding

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Unformatted text preview: do not satisfy the burst requirements. 2. Only the N-80, 53.5 #/ft pipe is capable of withstanding the collapse requirements at the bottom of the string 34 Casing Design Review 3. Since the 53.5 #/ft pipe is the most expensive, we want to use as little of it as possible, so we want to use as much 47.0 #/ft pipe as possible. 4. Don’t forget to check to make sure the tension requirements are met; both for pipe body, and for threads and couplings (T&C). 35 Casing Design Review The collapse resistance of N-80, 47 #/ft will determine to what depth it can be run. Two factors will reduce this depth: • Design Factor • Axial Stress (tension) “Halliburton” collapse resistance: 4,760 psi • Apply design factor: 4,760 = 4,231 psi 1.125 36 Casing Design Review To determine the effect of axial stress requires an iterative process: 1. Determine the depth capability without axial stress 4,231 depth = = 6,509 ft 0.052 * 12.5 2. Determine axial stress at this point 37 Casing Design Review 3. Determine corresponding collapse resi...
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