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Alexus Cooper Week 3: Human Resource Planning Discussion 10/8/2020 Week 3: Human Resource Planning After reading and studying material on human resource planning, please respond to the following prompts from the textbook: Define human resource planning and summarize its importance in organizational planning. What is the role of human resource staff members in the human resource planning process? Human resource planning is also known as workforce planning and this specific system helps organizations recruit, retain employees, optimize the deployment of people they require to meet
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Unformatted text preview:stratetigc business objectives. So in totality, HR planning helps an organization reach their set goals. The role of a human resource staff member in this process is to help their managers list out their desired goals and thought out plans that will be taken to achieve those goals. HR staff members are the "middle men" between both levels of managers within the organization. Therefore, each goal and steps towards success should correlate with the help of the HR staff members. n