Communicanon the cells contract as a group funcnonal

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Unformatted text preview: dges slower – Ca2+ removal slower Fig. 8- 28, pg. 294 11 Smooth Muscle • Two major types – MulNunit smooth muscle – Single- unit smooth muscle 12 MulNunit Smooth Muscle • • • • • • Each cell receives input Very few gap juncNons between cells Each cell may contract independently of its neighbor Neurogenic (ANS) Consists of discrete units that funcNon independently of one another Units must be separately sNmulated by nerves to contract Found – In walls of large blood vessels – In small airways to lungs – In muscle of eye that adjusts lens for near or far vision – In iris of eye – At base of hair follicles 13 Single- unit Smooth Muscle • • • • Motor neuronal input to a few cells Many gap juncNons allow communicaNon The cells contract as a group Func...
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