Stroke i force 3 smooth muscle 4 smooth muscle found

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Unformatted text preview: R and into myofibril i༆ Diffusion of Ca2+ into Myofibril i༆ Ca2+ binds with Troponin and shiFs Tropomyosin i༆ Ac2vates Ca2+ SR reuptake pump i༆ Pump Ca2+ back into SR i༆ Decrease Ca2+ and deac2vate Ac2n Ac2n ac2vated i༆ Ac2n- Myosin cross bridge i༆ Myosin power stroke i༆ FORCE 3 Smooth Muscle 4 Smooth Muscle • Found in walls of hollow organs and tubes • No striaNons – Filaments do not form myofibrils – Not arranged in sarcomere pa\ern found in skeletal muscle • Spindle- shaped cells with single nucleus • Cells usually arranged in sheets within muscle • Have dense bodies containing same protein found in Z lines 5 Smooth Muscle...
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