2011 kpmg ifrg limited a uk company limited by

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Unformatted text preview: ty services for clients across geographies. 2011 KPMG International Cooperative ("KPMG International"). KPMG International provides no client services and is a Swiss entity with which the independent member firms of the KPMG network are affiliated. 2011 KPMG IFRG Limited, a UK company, limited by guarantee. All rights reserved. Contact us Global Energy & Natural Resources Practice Global Chairman Michiel Soeting KPMG in the UK T: +44 20 7694 3052 E: [email protected] Global Head of Audit for ENR Jimmy Daboo KPMG in the UK T: +44 20 7311 8350 E: [email protected] Global Head of Oil and Gas Wayne Chodzicki KPMG in Canada T: +1 403 691 8004 E: [email protected] Regional Oil & Gas Leaders Australia Brent Steedman KPMG in Australia T: +61 8 9263 7184 E: [email protected] Brazil Manuel Fernandes KPMG in Brazil T: +55 (21) 3515 9412 E: [email protected] Canada Michael McKerracher KPMG in Canada T: +1 403 691 8056 E: [email protected] Chile Patrick Hanley KPMG in Chile T: +56 (2) 798 1230 E: [email protected] China Peter Fung KPMG in China T: +861085087017 E: [email protected] France Jacques-Francois Lethu KPMG in France T: +33 1 5568 7037 E: [email protected] India Kaushal Kishore KPMG in India T: +91 1243074205 E: [email protected] Italy Massimo Maffeis KPMG in Italy T: +39 02 6763 2464 E: [email protected] Japan Masahiro Mekada KPMG in Japan T: +81 (6) 7731 6801 E: [email protected] Kazakhstan Asel Khairova KPMG in Kazakhstan T: +7 (727) 3200 157 E: [email protected] Kuwait Charles Milner KPMG in Kuwait T: +965 247 5090 E: [email protected] Netherlands Ruben Rog KPMG in The Netherlands T: +31 206 568830 E: [email protected] Norway Mona Larsen KPMG in Norway T: +47 4063 9181 E: [email protected] Oman Michael Armstrong KPMG in Oman T: +968 (24) 709181 E: [email protected] Qatar Gopal Balasubramaniam KPMG in Qatar T: +974 432 9698 E: [email protected] Russia Boris Lvov KPMG in Russia T: +7 (495) 937 2979 E: [email protected] Saudi Arabia Sashikanth Ramakrishnan KPM...
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