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Nutrition Quiz 1 - Nutrition Quiz 1 6 Major Classes of...

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Nutrition Quiz 1 6 Major Classes of Nutrients Organic: carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin Inorganic: minerals and water Provide energy, regulate body processes, contribute to body structure Macronutrients are needed in the largest quantity o Carbs (starches and sugars), proteins (meats and dairy), lipids (fats, oils, cholesterol, phospholipids) Micronutrients: smaller quantities o Vitamins (regulate body processes such as blood clotting, calcium balance, energy metabolism) o Minerals provide body structure and fluid balance Water is most important o Body is made up of about 60% water Carbohydrates: organic, provide fuel, starches and sugars, largest quantity in grains, veggies, legumes, fruits, and dairy, converted to blood sugar (glucose) Lipid: organic, provide structure, fat soluble vitamins, provide starting material for hormones, fats/oils/meat/dairy Protein: amino acids, organic, can’t be made in body, build/maintain body structure, meats/dairy/veggies/grain Vitamins: regulate body processes, keep organs/tissues functioning, extract energy Minerals: inorganic, 16 are essential Water: inorganic, simplest, most important Calculations Total calories: o Grams CHO*4+Grams protein*4+Grams fat*9 Percent of macronutrient: o 25 gram CHO*4=100 calories Studies Epidemiological: compares disease rates among population groups o Shows correlation between 2 factors o Doesn’t clarify cause and effect o Provides clues/insight Animal studies: provide preliminary data that leads to studies that can’t be tested on humans
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Nutrition Quiz 1 - Nutrition Quiz 1 6 Major Classes of...

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