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Mass Communication Exam Review

Mass Communication Exam Review - Mass Communication Exam...

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Mass Communication Exam Review 1. Define culture. Consider the differences in values held by modern cultures versus postmodern cultures. - Culture: different ways groups of people live at specific times o Symbols of expression used to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values Languages help us understand/have expectations o Indentifies ways in which people live and represent themselves o Always changing o Link individuals to their society - Modernism -> 19 th century (industrialization) o Celebrate the individual: print media encourage the vision of individual writers, publishers, and readers o Reject tradition: throw off rigid rules of past o Believe in rational order/science: certain individuals and groups achieved higher standing in social order o Work efficiently: value of organization - Post-modernism -> 1950s/1970s o Oppose hierarchy: set tiers (high and low culture) o Diversify and recycle culture: borrowing and transforming earlier ideas from the modern period o Question scientific reasoning o Embrace paradox: new technology often eliminates jobs and isolates us from one another but also can draw people together to discuss issues 2. Discuss the five steps of media literacy as described by Campbell. Use an example to illustrate each step.
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