Public Communication Essay Exam Review

Public Communication Essay Exam Review - Public...

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Public Communication Essay Exam Review 1. Define the four features of communications Wood identifies. Discuss the differences between quantitative, qualitative, and critical research methods. - Communication is a systemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings - Process: ongoing and always in motion, changing continuously, no definitive end or beginning…the time of communication - Systemic: interrelated parts that affect one another, family/culture/space/classroom, the physical/cultural spaces that we operate in that determine how we communicate - Symbolic: relies on symbols (representations of other things), both verbal and nonverbal, communication can fail if misunderstood - Meanings: others clarify our thinking, figure out what things mean, enlarge our perspectives, check out perceptions, and label feelings i. Content level: literal meaning ii. Relationship level: relationship between communicators - Quantitative research: gathers information in numerical form i. Information about large population ii. Descriptive statistics: quantity, frequency, or amount iii. Surveys: instruments, questionnaires, or interviews that measure how people feel, think, act, etc iv. Experiments: researchers control context to measure how one variable that may be manipulated (independent) affects others (dependent) - Qualitative research: provides nonnumerical knowledge (not statistical) i. Smaller population more specific, more in depth ii. Important for things such as meaning, function, and feelings iii. Textual analysis: interpretation of symbolic activities (text/artifact) iv. Ethnography: researchers try to discover what symbolic activities mean by gaining insight into the perspective of natives (goes into
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Public Communication Essay Exam Review - Public...

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