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Psych Quiz 5 - Psych Quiz 5 4 components to emotion: 1)...

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Psych Quiz 5 4 components to emotion : 1) Subjective feelings 2) Physiological changes 3) Behavioral acts a. Facial expressions i. Gestures/voice tones b. Overt behavioral i. Ex: slamming the door 4) Cognitive a. Label of experience - Subjective Feeling o Conscious experience of emotion o Important component but difficult to study o Self-report studies of emotion experienced Frequency/intensity/range Issues with self-report studies: Individuals vary in their emotional response Attitudes toward emotions may influence what is reported Cultural norms o Ex: male vs. female on emotional expression - Physiological Changes o Increases in heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure o Makes for easy measure in research Example: anger and fear create measureable physiological changes o Not always reliable indicator of type or degree of emotion
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o Central nervous system : processes information and controls peripheral nervous system o Peripheral nervous system Somatic – sensation and motor control Autonomic Sympathetic – increases arousal Parasympathetic – calm and decrease of arousal o Nervous system response to emotion : Controlled by both somatic and autonomic nervous systems Responses help the body to deal with a threatening situation Ex: crossing the street horn car swerves around you fear and anxiety Somatic system activates muscles Autonomic (primary response): Heart beat increases, pupils dilate, muscles beneath skin contract, increased activity of sweat glands, decreased activity of salivary glands, blood diverted away from digestion Parasympathetic system takes over: Decreased heart beat, relaxation of muscles, decreased activity
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Psych Quiz 5 - Psych Quiz 5 4 components to emotion: 1)...

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