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6 EN 101 Journal 7 (revised) One belief I have begun to question is whether or not marijuana should be legal in the United States. I personally believe that marijuana should be legal in this country, because it would solve a lot of problems in the United States. Instead of focusing on busting people with marijuana, police and detectives could spend their time investigating something much more important such as a murder. Marijuana is not necessarily a bad thing. Marijuana has been used by people for thousands of years and is a natural plant that grows on our Earth. The number of annual deaths from smoking marijuana is zero. Compare that to the number of deaths caused by smoking cigarettes. Tobacco is a plant that grows from the earth, just as marijuana and has been used for just as long by people, so why just make one of the two illegal? Unlike other drugs, street or prescription, marijuana does not have any negative side effects. For example, after surgery, many times a pain killer is given to the patient a common one being vicodin. The side effects of this pain killer are countless including seizure, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even death if consumed with alcohol. None of these are a factor with the use of marijuana. All marijuana does is make you loopy for a little while. Marijuana is also used, in some cases medically. If I can be prescribed to a person to get rid of pain, why can’t just anyone use it? If marijuana was legal, a lot of problems would be solved in our police force and judicial
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Journal 7.docxrevised.docx1 - 6 EN 101 Journal 7(revised...

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