GEW Syllabus Spring 2008

GEW Syllabus Spring 2008 - GEW 101 Course Syllabus...

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GEW 101 Course Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Walter L. Dutton, M.A., J.D. Office: MH-259 Sections 21454 and 21331 Office Hours: Tu, 10 am - noon E-Mail: [email protected] Course Objectives: The skills you develop in this course will lay the foundation for successful written communication that will see you through your academic career and beyond. The writing skills you learn here are immediately applicable throughout your university studies. The Regents of CSUSM enacted the policy that passing this course is a requirement to continue as a student of the university . If you fail, you must pass the referral course to achieve a passing grade or retake the course and pass. You will work hard. You must stay current and not fall behind. You must maintain and study all the required texts. The major paper due dates will not change. Read, prepare, study and write so that you have papers ready on time . The very worst thing that you can do for yourself if procrastinate or fall behind in your reading and writing schedule. You will not be able to write passing essays if you try to write them at the last time minute. GEW 101 focuses on principles of analysis and reasoned argumentation . Clear thinking and effective writing are the heart of education. By necessity, you will revise your written texts several times, not just once . You must focus on developing your skills in evaluation and revision. This will be done when you study outside class, in class, and in visits at the Writing Center , conferences and work with tutors , and conferences with your instructor. Assignments will vary in theme and content. You will read and write in areas you may not have previously experienced and areas commensurate with your interests. After examining the various parts of the text and sorting its components, you will reconstruct the text from your own perspective . This means you cannot merely report or summarize what the writer said but, take the writer's claim and supporting text and evaluate the parts to see the inner workings, the thoughts and ideas behind the printed words, the relationship between claims and evidence, and you will understand how to apply these skills to your own writing. Required Texts: The Art of the Personal Essay, Lopate [NOT REQUIRED] The Concise Wadsworth Handbook, Bless Me Ultima, Rudolfo Anaya West of Jesus, Steven Kotler Course Requirements: CLASS PARTICIPATION/ATTENDANCE: This class meets two times a week. Because of the format, the course’s success depends upon your attendance and active participation. School policy allows you two unexcused absences; the third unexcused absence will result in the lowering of your final grade; the fourth unexcused absence will result in your failure to pass the class. Excused absences will not exceed two. This is not high school. You MUST sign the roll sheet to be counted as present. I will advise students of the
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course GEW 101 taught by Professor Dutton during the Spring '08 term at CSU San Marcos.

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GEW Syllabus Spring 2008 - GEW 101 Course Syllabus...

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