Answers to Essays for Test Two- October 28

Answers to Essays for Test Two- October 28 - Explain the...

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Explain the characteristics of the state constitutions and the Articles of Confederation and how they reflected Americans’ experiences with Britain and the philosophy of republicanism. Under the Articles the states could do almost anything. States had their own constitutions in which they followed. The constitutions gave them to right to print money, have an army, interfere with trade, declare contracts null and void, and whatever else they wanted. The states crafted this new form of government, the Articles of Confederation, in order to put power in the states’ hands. The individuals of the United States do not think of themselves as part of some larger American hull, they think simply by state. This leads to the formation of a weak national government with very little power. National governments are really top heavy with representative government. If there is an executive branch it is very weak. All of the power is in the legislative branch. The king is responsible for all of their troubles. This reaction is a result of the previous colonial experience as well as the political philosophy of republicanism. Republicanism is defined as the balance of power. Everyone is fearing that the national government will get out of control and become tyrannical so they go to the opposite extreme, excess liberty. The states had governors who made up their idea of an executive branch. This is a very weak branch because the governors had very little power. The state legislature chose the governors. The states had a judiciary system, but like the governors the judges are weak. Executive and Judicial branches have all the power. Overall a very weak government; people were not allowed to stay in office for long periods of time, and people still relied on the deferential system of poor men voting in ‘better men’ of nobility. The Articles is a very simple government without an executive branch. The people fear a central figure so they just don’t have one. The judicial branch is feared and removed as well because it can be manipulated. Ultimately it is a simple government with a one house congress. Only one vote was allowed per state in this Congress. There were very few things that the Articles of Confederation could control and they were as follows: it can control western lands, run a post office, and dealt with foreign policy. Beyond these specified powers the national government had no say. The national government was not even allowed to tax or form a military. The Articles was just too weak to support a young country with so much land and potential and it was replaced, with much opposition, by the Constitution.
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Explain the problems of the 1780s and how the framers of the Constitution sought to solve them while at the same time balancing liberty and power. The economy in the 1780s is terrible because the states have been detached
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Answers to Essays for Test Two- October 28 - Explain the...

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