2055 Test 2

2055 Test 2 - Finishing Last Outline: Everything would have...

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Unformatted text preview: Finishing Last Outline: Everything would have been taxed if stamp act had been implemented--playing cards, newspapers, deeds to buildings i. Stamp Act Congress-1765 o Colonists meet in NY o Unique because up to this point they hadn't been acting in unisonin the 1750s they consciously decided not to join ranks o In 1765 colonies send representatives to stamp act congress--they finally have a big enough problem to work together on o No taxation w/o representation o They are used to revenue taxes imposed on themselves by assemblies, they aren't used to taxes from London government o w/o representation in parliament they shouldn't be taxed by them for revenue purposes o They write up a conciliatory statement--not thinking about independence because they're proud of and enjoy being British, enjoy rights and privileges like English people o Their argument is that they aren't being treated british enoughthey understand that they're subjects of the British king and want to be treated like it They're proud loyal subjects of the king of Eng o They're very conciliatory, quick to make the point that they're deeply loyal members of Brit empire, but w/o direct representation in parliament they should pay revenue taxes imposed by London ii. Forms of Opposition Colonial assemblies draft petitions & do what stamp act congress did--petitions being sent to London from several diff bodies o Stamp act congress from group of colonies o Also indiv colonies using their assemblies to draft petitions Some extra legal stuff does go on Sons of Liberty organize in colonial cities o They helped organize mobbing--it has to do w/ 18th century culture o SoL tended to be sons of wealthy colonistsdeferential culture where great men ran everything o They're organizing mobbing , not rioting o Rioting is uncontrolled terrorizing of property, etc but mobbing went on mainly in the 1700sbest thought of as organized and focused rioting o People get ticked off at something so they specifically target the representation of that problem o SoL made sure that lower class people who were doing work of mobbing stayed focused Raiding stamp tax offices and tearing them up/burning them Going after stamp tax officialstearing up/burning their homes and/or capturing them and beating them up o Mobbing=very focused o Very dramatic stuff o The stamp tax had offices/officials and they're all mobbed, threatened, torn up SoL also help organize non-importation agreements o Get merchants to stop selling goods from England o Economic boycott More than any of the other responses, non-importation hits Eng and causes change in...
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2055 Test 2 - Finishing Last Outline: Everything would have...

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