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Chapter One & Two - Chapter One Science or Interpretation 2...

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Chapter One Science or Interpretation – 2 Views Monster Ad Glenn Sparks: An Objective Approach - In case of 2000 super bowl commercial, social scientists would like to know what features of this commercial led so many people to click on website. - Social scientists typically want to explain and predict human behavior. - A theory about effectiveness needs to be tested. Marty Medhurst: An Interpretive Approach - Scholarship concerned with meaning can interpret the commercial from a rhetorical or humanist point of view. - The ad is best understood as redemption myth. - The commercial is almost a perfect example of Burke’s cycle of guilt- purification-redemption. - Ask what the meaning of ad is for each person. Objective or Interpretive: A Difference that Makes a Difference - Although both of these scholars focus on kids saying what they want to be when they grow up, Glenn’s objective approach and Marty’s interpretive approach to communication study clearly differ in starting point, method, and conclusion. - Glenn is a social scientist who works hard to be objective. - Marty is a rhetorical critic who does interpretive study. - Separate world views or interpretive scholars and scientists: o Reflect contrasting assumptions about ways of arriving at knowledge, the core of human nature, questions of value, the very purpose of theory, methods, and research.
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- The distinction between objective and interpretive worldviews is the difference that makes a difference. Ways of Knowing: Discovery Truth or Creating Multiple Realities? What is Real or True? - Epistemology: the branch of philosophy concerned with how we know what we know. - Scientists assume that truth is singular. - Interpretive scholars seek truth but they are much more tentative about the possibility of revealing objective reality. Human Nature: Determinism vs. Free Will - Scientists stress the forces that shape human behavior (bio and the environment) - Interpretive scholars focus on conscious choices made by individuals. The Highest Value: Objectivity or Emancipation
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Chapter One & Two - Chapter One Science or Interpretation 2...

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