a new compact for learning

a new compact for learning - Ashley Vaughan EDI 14 Dr...

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Ashley Vaughan EDI 14 Dr. DeFalco “A New Compact for Learning” 1. The Board of Regents developed the New Compact for Learning. 2. The Compact was developed in hopes that it would help society to raise and educate their children better. Societies were changing quickly and the Regents felt that a new comprehensive plan was needed. 3. There are many other people in society who are responsible for educating children. Parents need to take more responsibility for their children but they must also get the chance to do so. The legislature, the governor, the board of regents, the commissioner of education and the state education department staff, local boards of education, teachers, librarians, administrators and supervisors, support personnel, parents, students and all of the other parts of society have to take a piece of the responsibility. The plan will not succeed unless we have the cooperation from the society as a whole. “It takes the whole village to raise a child.” 4. The roots of the compacts goals come from a “vision” that the Regents had. They envisioned individuals who
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a new compact for learning - Ashley Vaughan EDI 14 Dr...

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