March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008 - o Spanish elements – timbre, rhythms,...

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Art Rock/ progressive rock o The beatles o Yes o Pink floyd o Kansas o Electric light orchestra o Jethro tull o Genesis Musical characteristics o Classical music influences Timbres – synthesizers -- textures Extended/complex forms Concept albums Complex meters – rhythmic shifts Sound effects Country rock o Credence clear water revival o The eagles o County timbres – rock beat Southern rock o Blues based o Guitar based o ALLman brothers Funk o George Clinton o James Brown o Syncopation o Bass o Dance music Reggae o Bob Marley o Syncopation pattern o Topics o Timbre o Slower Tempo o Emphasis on 2 and 4 and off the beat Latino music o Mestizo – mixed (African, Native, European) heritage
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Unformatted text preview: o Spanish elements – timbre, rhythms, harmony o Afro-Caribbean elements – rhythm, form o Indian elements – timbres, melodies o Jazz influence – New Orleans, 1950’s NY (an extension of the dance craze) o Salsa – Cuban, Puerto-Rican, North American (began in NY) Doesn’t swing Dance Craze(s) o The tango (1913s) Argentina o The Rumba (1930s) Cuba o The Samba (1940s) Brazil o The Mambo (1950s) Afro o Salsa o Syncopation makes you want to dance o Habanera rhythm 1+2+3+4+ (simple) o Mariachi Sesquialtera rhythm • 1+a2+a (compound duple) • 1+2+3+(Simple Triple)...
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March 5, 2008 - o Spanish elements – timbre, rhythms,...

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