25 points draw the specific reagents necessary to

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Unformatted text preview: ) Draw the specific reagent(s) necessary to effect the transformation shown for both of the following two (2) questions. If more than one reaction is involved in an answer, be certain to distinguish the individual steps clearly. A. H3 C CH3 H3 C CH3 H N O CO2CH3 BOCN H CO2 H H3N + B. O CH 2 H3C Br H 3C (racemic) CH3 3. (10 points) Circle the "isoprene" units in the following sesquiterpene. Clearly label the head (h) and tail (t) of each "isoprene" unit. CH2 H 3C CH3 CH 3 β-chamigrene Name:______________________ 4....
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