50 points draw the structure of the expected major

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Unformatted text preview: points) Draw the structure of the expected major organic product for each of the following ten (10) questions. Clearly specify stereochemistry, if relevant. A. O CH3 Ph H2 cat. Pd/C B. CH3 H 3C O CH 2N2 OH C. OCH3 H2SO4 HNO3 D. CH 3 Ph CH3 NBS ν hν E. O H CH 3 CH3 "salt-free" conditions +Ph3PCHCH3 Name:______________________ 1. (cont.) F. CN H 3C CH 3 1.) DIBAL 2.) dil. HCl G. O CH 3 a.) PhLi b.) H2 O H. O CrO3 HO CH3 H2SO4 I. 1.) Li NH 3 t-BuOH 2.) 3N HCl H3 CO J. H 3CO H CH3 O HO OH H2SO4 Name:______________________ 2. (25 points...
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