February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 - February 1 2008 Test next Friday o Can...

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Unformatted text preview: February 1, 2008 Test next Friday o Can use a 9 X 11 sheet of paper for notes What is an umbra? o The central part of an eclipse shadow where all the sun's light is blocked out When (in boulder, during the day) would the stick (used to make the shadow plots cast NO shadow? o never because the sun is never directly above us in boulder the changing phases of the moon originally inspired the concept of the month o it takes 29 days to go from new moon to new moon phases of the moon o new o waxing crescent o first quarter o waxing gibbous o full o waning gibbous o last quarter o waning gibbous waxing o moon visible in afternoon/evening o gets fuller and rises later each day waning o moon visible in late night/morning o gets less and sets later each day can start holding it with your right hand (waxing) then move to holding it in your left hand (waning) we can't ever see the back side of the moon although the moon is always half lit by the sun, we see different amounts of the lit portion from earth depending on where the moon is located in its orbit o earth and the moon orbit counter clockwise What time is the waxing crescent moon is on the meridian? o B, getting bigger When does it first rise? o Shortly after sunrise When does it first set? o Shortly after sunset ...
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