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Unformatted text preview: d return value at front/head of queue or null if the queue is empty • (sometimes called “dequeue”, like “pop”) • peek ⇒ value peek() • return value at head of queue, or null if queue is empty (doesn’t remove from queue) • remove and element remove() element() • like poll() and peek(), but throw exception if queue is empty. 11 each” Iteration and “for each” loop • Standard “for each” loop with collections: for (Face face : crowd) { face.render(canvas); } for (Map.Entry<String,Integer> entry : phonebook.entrySet()){ textArea.append(entry.getKey()+" : "+entry.getValue()); } • Uses Iterators. “Sharon” ⇒ 5978 “Stuart” ⇒ 6730 “Lindsay” ⇒ 5656 “John” ⇒ 5670 “Pondy” ⇒ 5834 12 Iterators? Why Iterators? • Program cannot get inside the Collection object Jack • The Collection constructs an Iterator Jane Jacob Julia AN PD F CHE K J OMLWK Justin Joleen John Program List<Face> crowd; : hasNext Iterator<Face> List <Face> next Data for (Face f : crowd){ } • Iterator may access inside of collection • Iterator provides elements one at a time. • Each Collection class needs an associated Iterator class 13 Iterator Interface • Operations on Iterators: • hasNext hasNext() : returns true iff there is another value to get • next() : returns the next value next • Standard pattern of use: Iterator<type > itr = construct iterator while (itr.hasNext() ){ type var = itr.next(); … var … } • Almost same as the “for each” loop: for (type var : collection ){ … var … 14 Iterators and Iterable • But, the “for each” loop requires an Iterable: each” for (type var : Iterable <type> ){ … var … } Iterable <T> eg, all Collections Iterator <T> public Iterator<T> iterator(); public boolean hasNext(); public T next(); Iterator<type > itr = construct iterator while (itr.hasNext() ){ type var = itr.next(); … var … } 15 Creating Iterators • Iterators are not just for Collection objects: • Anything that should generate a sequence of values • Scanner • Pseudo Random Numb...
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