nov. 6, 2007

nov. 6, 2007 - 2 crack house Crack whores • no condoms...

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Deviant associations colleagues: o 8 features of deviant subcultures: 1. vocabulary slang, expressions, phrases/words that represent their status 2. Values 3. Norms 4. Status system of stratification **Ex: Drug dealers: line of quality of their drugs, their prices… 5. deviant ideology learning hoe to be deviant 6. subculture lore stories passed down, oral history **Ex: the great stories 7. social support **Ex: management groups 8. information diffusal passing on critical information on how to be deviant Status system stratification o **EX: Prostitution 1. worst form of prostitution: slave prostitution (no condoms)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. crack house: Crack whores • no condoms • customers didn’t want them eventually because they are so drugged 3. street walkers • sometimes condoms • little time (1 minute) to size up a potential customer 4. Bar girls: • Use condoms • Get drugs when asked • Sometimes educated • A little longer to size up (15 min) • Get kick back from room and alcohol 5. Brothel • Educated • Use condoms (must) • Training • Madame: educated, screens customers 6. Escort services • Educated (pretty well) • Clean...
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