Dec 5, 2007 Recitation

Dec 5, 2007 Recitation - Chapter 39 Joining a Gang BY...

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Chapter 39: Joining a Gang; BY: Sanchez-Jankowski Concepts to know but won’t be on test as concept list o Propositions to dismiss (common assumptions) Member’s come from broken homes where there are no father figures Broken homes lead men to search for a substitute family Kids who drop out of school, don’t have job skills so they have no chice but to join a gang Pie piper theory: Guy who leads the rats out of the city; the kids are influenced to be in their gang and lead into the gang Six reasons for Deciding to join a gang 1. Material incentives o They think the gang will give them some financial opportunity o A lot of times it is illegal, but you have safety in numbers, so it’s less risky o Or the risk you run is that you could take the wrap for everyone and be screwed 2. Recreation o the gang is a place of entertainment o the gang is the primary social institution 3. a place of refuge and camouflage o you are no longer individualized o safety in numbers o gives you anonymity o members are not responsible for their actions 4. physical protection o protection, someone always has your back o escape victimization 5. a time to resist o want to go against society, and not get a regular job o postponing the inevitable of joining the real world and dgetting a real
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Dec 5, 2007 Recitation - Chapter 39 Joining a Gang BY...

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