dec. 12 2007 recitation

dec. 12 2007 recitation - Review Friday 6-7:30pm Ch. 41:...

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Review Friday 6-7:30pm Ch. 41: Shifts and Oscillations in Deviant Careers, by Adler and Adler Four Shifts and Oscillations: Oscillations get in and out Shifts 1. Aging in the career There are more young people in the deviant careers b/s old people can’t keep up with it It is a stressful and dangerous jobs There are always the temptation to leave and get out 2. Phasing Out (they want to get out and they try to get out but its hard and they can’t get out or they get out but are pulled back in) -Three Factors Inhibiting Leaving 1. Hedonism and materialism Drug traficting makes a lot of money => hard to give up the good life style that kind of money brings 2. Commitment to the occupation You invest a lot of time and effort on getting started and making it big, so its hard to just give up all the work that has been put into it Also it becomes all you know Also all your friends, entertainment and social value is tied to selling drugs Your whole life revolves around this occupation 3. Difficulty finding another way to earn a living You can’t use any experience you gained from these illegal activities so hard to have enough references to get a job
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-Four Patterns of Quitting (hard to quit) 1. One last “big deal” They postpone it until one big last deal, but there is always another big last deal
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dec. 12 2007 recitation - Review Friday 6-7:30pm Ch. 41:...

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