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Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.7.12 (4 Pages)

712 wwwstudytherightwaycom 1 ratio of hydrogen to

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Unformatted text preview: 99% of the mass in our bodies Carbohydrates • Definition: compounds with the general chemical formula Cx(H2O)y Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.7.12 WWW.STUDYTHERIGHTWAY.COM 1 • Ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2 to 1 • Mainly used in the production of energy • Structural function in plant cells (cellulose) • Short term energy storage (starch) • Monosaccharides (C6H12O6): simple carbohydrates –notice how the ratio of H to O is 2 to 1! o Ig: Glucose –has many alcohol groups (polyalcohol) o Alpha glucose vs. beta glucose • Monosaccharides: can undergo condensation reactions among themselves and form: o Dimers (disacchari...
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