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Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.7.12 (4 Pages)

712 wwwstudytherightwaycom 3 greasy slippery soft

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Unformatted text preview: ch o glucose in the alpha form o energy storage o humans digest starch • Cellulose o glucose in the beta form o structural function (rigidity of plant cell walls) o humans can’t digest cellulose • Lactose and lactose intolerance o Beta- linkage between glucose and galactose o Can’t be enzymatically broken (lack of lactase) o Broken down by intestinal bacteria generating gases and lactic acid (diarrhea) • Types of starch o Amylase o Amylopectin (in plants) o Glycogen (in animals) Fats and Oils Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.7.12 WWW.STUDYTHERIGHTWAY.COM 3 • Greasy, slippery, soft and low- melting (if solid), water insoluble • Ig: Triglycerides...
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