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Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.26.12

2612 wwwstudytherightwaycom 2 extracredit chiral

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Unformatted text preview: ction normally in the presence of the drug • When the subjects stop taking the drug suddenly, the cells are “caught napping” with too few receptors for the normal transmitter or hormone • Physiologic reactions: withdrawal syndrome o Intense craving for more drug o Extreme tiredness o Apathy Chemistry 1004 Professor Zysmilich Lecture Notes 3.26.12 WWW.STUDYTHERIGHTWAY.COM 2 **Extra ­credit: chiral molecule is attached to 4 asymmetric carbons Methylenedioxy ­N ­methylamphetamine, MDMA aka Ecstasy • NOT ADDICTIVE because works on serotonin, not dopamine • Short term effects o MDMA increases the release of serotonin in the brain by blocking the uptake transporter o Effects vary among different people Produces feeling of self ­confidence and great energy Increases openness and empathy between individuals Increases the sensitivity to sensations such as touch and sounds Enhances appreciation of art and music, euphoria, red...
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