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Exercise #1 1.) I took piano lessons for several years as a child, but I never did like to practice. 2.) I surprised both my mother and my former piano teacher by signing up for lessons in the Music Department here at school so now I practice every spare minute I can find. 3.) My hands are small, but I have exercised my fingers and now have managed to stretch an octave. 4.) My fingers are terribly uncoordinated but every week the exercises and scales get easier to play. 5.) I was really embarrassed the first few times I practiced on the old upright in our dorm lounge, so I usually waited until the room was empty. Now, I don’t mind the weird looks I get from people. 6.) Some of my friends clap their hands or tap their feet to help me keep time. 7.) I have met three residents in the dorm who are really good pianists; they’ve been very helpful to me and very supportive of my beginning efforts. 8.)
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