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2/26 Journal The pigs on Animal Farm are obviously the smartest animals on the farm. They are articulate, sneaky, deceitful and convincing. Another reason why they are so powerful is because of the choice of their words. In this book, the pigs’ choice of words is very clever and deceitful, and they use that as a tool to control the other animals. Persuading the other animals to obey whatever order they choose is often backed up by some speech Squealer makes. Usually at the very end of that speech, he says something like “now you
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Unformatted text preview: don’t want Mr. Jones back do you?” and of course the animals don’t want him back. So, they obey. Also, the stupidity of most of the animals on the farm contributes to all the power the pigs have, since they are the smartest on the farm. Also, since Old Major was a pig, or a boar, the other animals think that the pigs relate to him. His last wish of a rebellion was directed towards all of the animals, however the pigs took the first initiative....
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