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4/3 Journal I believe that President Bush did have the right reasons to go to war with Iraq. The mere fact that Saddam Hussein posed a serious threat to the US and our allies should allow President Bush to use our military to the fullest. Since Saddam used nuclear, chemical and biological weapons against the Kurds back in 1988, could he not be planning an attack on the US? Saddam’s connection with the terrorist leader Abu Nibal gives him even more access to weapons of mass destruction and resources to hurt the US and our allies. The constant failure of Iraq to enter into the international community also created tension and curiosity to their legitimacy. This, most definitely, caused suspicion
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Unformatted text preview: in Iraq’s weapons legitimacy. The existence of chemical and biological weapons in the 1980s and in the 90s was indisputable, also having every Western intelligence agency agreeing that there were weapons of mass destruction. If Saddam wasn’t afraid to allow weapons inspectors to sift through his military, why didn’t he join the international community, where he could gain allied benefits? Not only has Bush protected the security of the US, however he has attempted to save Iraqi lives from the violent acts of religious factions. Now, Iraqi citizens can finally experience a normal life with the help of President Bush....
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