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Master Hand Out Practice Final - Master Study List vitamin...

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Master Study List vitamin parenteral nutrition water-soluble vitamin fat-soluble vitamin retinoids carotenoids opsin/rhodopsin cis/trans-retinal vitamin A deficiency vitamin A overload cholecalciferol vitamin D synthesis vitamin D deficiency vitamin D overload tocopherols ROS antioxidant (and aging) vitamin E deficiency vitamin E overload B vitamins vitamin C thiamin (and TPP) thiazole ring transketolase (TK) vitamin B 1 deficiency riboflavin (and FAD) vitamin B 2 deficiency niacin (and NAD/P) nicotinic acid nicotinamide vitamin B 3 deficiency historical niacin deficiencies reactive sites of NAD + /NADP + niacin and atherosclerosis pyridoxal (structure, function) reactive site of pyridoxal phosphate pyridoxal deficiency/toxicity folate (parts, function) reactive sites of folate folate deficiency/toxicity cyanocobalamin (function) cyanocobalamin deficiency ascorbic acid (structures, fxn) ascorbic acid in tissues ascorbic acid deficiency/toxicity “Three Schools of Thought” water homeostasis major vs. minor minerals bioavailability phytic acid oxalic acid calcium functions hydroxyapetite parathyroid hormone/vitamin D calcitonin calcium deficiency/toxicity osteoporosis and risk factors phosphorus functions phosphorus deficiency/toxicity magnesium functions magnesium deficiency/toxicity electrolytes intra/extracellular ions electrolytes and disease GRAS processed foods trace minerals iron deficiency iron absorption iron types iron transport iron homeostasis Fenten reaction obesity high risk obesity groups obesity and disease causes of obesity genetics and obesity environment and obesity BMI (calculation and classifications) alternative weight measures adipose tissue signaling adiponectin energy expenditure BMR physical activity thermic effect of food Harris-Benedict equation Atkins Diet diabesity eating disorders anorexia nervosa binge eating bulimia nervosa vegan diet Type 1 medications Type 2 medications gastric bypass gastric banding gastroplasty leptin ghrelin Type 1 diabetes* Type 2 diabetes* *risk factors, symptoms, progression, treatment, etc. The Jungle food pathogens food poisoning campylobacter E. coli/salmonella listeria hepatitis A norovirus high risk groups food allergies IgE mast cell anaphylaxis celiac disease gluten food intolerance lactose intolerance types of toxins bioaccumulation synergistic effects body burden lead PBDE nutritional genomics coffee in Costa Rica functional foods golden rice special soy beans food and behavior Eastern beliefs Ayurveda three doshas vata pitta kapha slow food
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From Handout 6 What is the difference between a vitamin and a mineral? Vitamins are organic molecules, minerals are inorganic. Of the two classes of vitamins, a dietary deficiency in which type would be noticed first? Water-soluble vitamins, since they are readily excreted.
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Master Hand Out Practice Final - Master Study List vitamin...

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