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Cell Bio Joanne FINAL - BICD 110 Spring 2006 Final KEY...

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BICD 110: Spring 2006 Final- KEY Multiple Choice Questions 1. Components of G-protein signaling pathways might include all of the following except: A. Second messenger B. Protein that binds and hydrolyzes GTP C. Ion channel D. Enzyme E. Hydrophobic signaling molecule F. All of the above are found in G-protein pathways 2. A Gs protein, when active: A. has GDP bound to the α subunit B. has GTP bound to the β subunit C. has ATP bound to the α subunit D. has ATP bound to the β subunit E. has GTP bound to the α subunit F. has GDP bound to the β subunit G. has ADP bound to the β subunit H. has ADP bound to the α subunit 3. Nitric Oxide (NO) A. binds to a cell surface NO receptor B. Activates guanylyl cyclase C. Activates a path that leads to the formation of cGMP D. leads to the relaxation and expansion of blood vessels E. Statements A-D are true F. All statements A-D are true except one statement is false 4. Put the following events in the correct order: 1. G- protein linked receptor is activated 2. Phospholipase C is activated 3. Calcium activates protein kinase C 4. PIP2 is cleaved 5. Gqα subunit dissociates from the βγ complex A. 1,5,2,4,3 B. 1,5,2,3,4 C. 5,1,2,4,3 D. 3,2,1,5,4 E. 5,1,2,3,4 5. All of the following require Ca++ EXCEPT: A. cadherin binding to cells B. activation of protein kinase C C. calmodulin activity D. exocytosis of acetylcholine E. all of the above require Ca++
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6. If you become infected with cholera, all of the following might happen EXCEPT: A. profuse watery diarrhea B. increased cAMP levels C. Chemical modification of the Gsα subunit of a monomeric G protein D. Increased adenylyl cyclase activity E. All of the above would happen 7. G protein receptor Kinase: A. phosphorylates arrestin B. phosphorylates a G protein C. dephosphorylates a G protein coupled receptor D. activity leads to the desensitization of arrestin E. dephosphorylates arrestin F. none of the above are true 8. Which of the following proteins would function properly if the associated GEF was mutant/non- functional? A. Sar-1 B. Phosphodiesterase C. Ran D. Ras E. They would all function properly 9. The growth factor Superchick stimulates proliferation of cultured chicken cells. The receptor that binds Superchick is a receptor tyrosine kinase, and many tumor cell lines have mutations in the gene that encodes this receptor. Which of the following types of mutations would be expected to induce uncontrolled cell proliferation? A. A mutation that prevents localization of the receptor to the plasma membrane. B. A mutation that prevents dimerization of the receptor C. A mutation that destroys the kinase activity of the receptor D. A mutation that prevents recognition of the receptor by phosphatases E. A mutation that prevents ligand binding 10. When a trimeric G-protein is activated by a cell surface receptor A. The β subunit exchanges its bound GDP for GTP B. the GDP bound to the α subunit is phosphorylated to form bound GTP C. it dissociates into a free β subunit and an αγ subunit
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Cell Bio Joanne FINAL - BICD 110 Spring 2006 Final KEY...

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